Food Rules

The weekly challenge of honouring what’s in the veg box is not for wimps. I will need commitment, recipes, time, inspiration, organisation and people to sit down at my table, now and then and enjoy my cooking. Five years as a veg box veteran and I’m doing what Michael Pollan recommends in his wee book Food Rules: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. He also recommends that we ‘shop the peripheries (he is American) of the supermarket and stay out of the middle’. That’s because, he says, most supermarkets place fresh produce along the walls and all the processed stuff is in the middle. So if like me you’re getting your veg in a box all the rest can be bought on line or any place you can buy slow food and in theory I (you) won’t ever have to go into a supermarket ever again but of course that’s very unlikely and highly impractical whilst food retailing remains in the hands of the big few.



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