The big idea behind this blog came the week before Christmas 2011, after our local organic veg box supplier mentioned that she’d delivered 256 boxes to my door step over the years. That means we’ve eaten about five year’s worth of organic fruit and vegetables, week after week. For a family of meat eaters and only one vegetarian I am surprised how easily we allowed the weekly veg box to take over. It was like taking in a Trojan horse, back then we didn’t realise how much it would influence the way we would shop, cook, eat and think about food.

Probably the best thing that came out of 1,792 days of eating our way through all those veg boxes, aside from the health benefits and minding about how food is raised and where it comes from, is the pleasure we discovered in spending more time as a family preparing and cooking what we ate.

Supermarket trips are down to one a month (if I’m lucky) just to stock up on cupboard foods and the odd packet of frozen peas (always handy in an emergency). I also reckon I’m spending less on food than I did five years ago, pre-veg box life.

Now that my children are all grown up and cooking in their own kitchens, I’ve downsized the veg box to the mini version and re-discovered the challenge of cooking for one.  However, if I’m honest the thought of all those vegetables to come is a tad overwhelming but I’m up for the challenge and that’s what this blog is about. Veg Box Rules OK?

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  1. Thank goodness – I couldn’t find my copy of “Marvellous Meals with Mince” and was keen to cook the Far Eastern Pie so I came, I searched and I found! Many, many thanks!

    • Glad you found it Louise, it’s a very popular recipe. I’ve got a copy of the updated version of Marvelous Meals with Mince to review which reminds me I must get on and check out some of the other recipes.

  2. Thanks for your enthusiasm for my Far Eastern Pie in your April blog. As you pointed out the recipe was in my 1980’s bestseller Marvellous Meals with Mince. I hope you know that a revised, redesigned, rephotographed and glamorous new hardback edition with a few new recipes has just been published by Quadrille. And only £9.99 – much less on Amazon of course! As its been arguably my most popular book and I hope the new edition means that a whole new generation will enjoy it too. Josceline.

    • Josceline …Thank you for finding my blog! And delighted to know one of my favourite cook books has been updated and republished. I’ll look forward to checking out the new recipes. I’ve added a link in your post to the new book via your publisher. Best wishes, Linda

  3. good stuff! I don’t think people realise just how much a veg box changes your whole way of eating. Having just returned from easter weekend at my parents’ house, and still recovering from eating meat at pretty much every meal (I know, I didn’t have to, but it was delicious and it was there) I’m delighted to be back to the freshness, simplicity and choicelessness of our veg box. Julian of Leigh Court Farm, from whom we collect it, gave us a mini cauliflower yesterday, as a present, as it was too small to sell. It’s a little beauty. Thank you for this blog!

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