Oh Dear!

I am bereft. I am without veg box this week. I can’t believe it. Apparently my fault, didn’t hit the order button on line. The hungry gap takes on new meaning this week.

So back to the kitchen to forage for leftovers: 2 onions, 1 potato, 3 eggs, head of broccoli, scraggly bunch of spring onions, a few mushrooms and lots of salad leaves and herbs growing outdoors. But it’s not enough to not have to go shopping this week.

In the meantime it’s ready, steady, cook: mushroom and spring onion omelette with more salad leaves from le jardin.

Some little body out there has started munching my food, one lettuce and one spring onion has vanished but that’s OK, I guess so long as they leave enough for me. The 80/20 rule sounds about right if I get the lion’s share of what I grow and whatever can have the rest. Seems a fair deal and garden bug friendly. If not, I could resort to counter measures by placing grit around the salad basket, would that create a barrier and stop the slugs in their tracks? But what about the little critters with wings?

The organic eggs have a lovely deep mellow yellow yolk and come from Whitewater, the name of a Hampshire river not far from here. Lucky hens.

After this I should have the stamina to go out and face shopping.

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