Spring Box

This week’s box: Lettuce and tomatoes, squash and red cabbage, carrots and potatoes

The very bright green frilly lettuce perched on top of the box is saying, ‘Eat Me! Eat me now, don’t put me in the fridge or I’ll wither and die’. As it happens we’re having a random hot day here in Hampshire, perfectly timed for a lunch time salad using leftover roast chicken and potatoes from this week’s box. I’m going to dress it all up with fresh Coriander Chutney. That will put a ZING into what feels like the first day of Spring but it won’t last so I’d better make the most of it and get the mower out after lunch.

Don’t know why but the veg box delivery slipped a day this week. Just as well. Yesterday was not the weather for salad or grass cutting. All these things happen for a reason.

Since my Veg Box Rules declaration, I’ve started using my cook books and have discovered a trove of treasure in ye olde recipe books. The recipe for Coriander Chutney comes from the Good Housekeeping book of Preserves which I love for its novel concoctions. (Anyone for Kumquat Mincemeat? Hats off to all daring housekeepers.) I would have called this a relish but I’m told chutney and relish are interchangeable definitions. Given the aliveness of the ingredients I’m re-naming it Coriander Relish and being one for relishing words, I like the way the relish word does what it says.

Fresh Coriander Chutney Relish

Take: 100g fresh coriander, 1 small onion, 2 fresh green chillies (seeded), 2.5cm  fresh root ginger, 1 level tsp salt (I used half the amount), 2 tbsp lime juice, 1 level tbs desiccated coconut

The fast option is to blitz all the ingredients in a food processor otherwise take the chop wood, carry water approach and chop everything according to its size, shape and character then combine the ingredients by hand for a more interesting texture and satisfying life. I’m loving the lingering fragrance of fresh limes and ginger on my fingers and the smell of fresh chopped grass wafting outdoors as I mow (eat your heart out Jo Malone). How delicious that the combination of all these things are available here in the middle of February.

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