Virtual Foraging

Yesterday a friend likened my shopping habit on line for stuff to eat as virtual foraging. I like the sound of that. My foraging on line this week bagged me an impressive collection of cosmopolitan herbs from Norfolk Herbs to grow at home, including a pungent spicy Vietnamese Coriander, and several Mint varieties: Moroccan, Apple, Lime and Orange. What a lovely selection for making tea or sloshing around in a jug of Pimms. The herbs arrived by post as little plugs, each packed in its own plastic cocooned micro climate ready for planting on into pots. The packaging will come in handy for growing other seeds. Tick the box on recycling and tick another box for local sourcing (from Norfolk to my garden) versus shop bought produce air freighted from wherever. Add several ticks for self righteous smugness. Let’s hope everything in the garden grows then I might have the right to be smug simply for the joy of growing my own food!

The beauty of these little herbs, all eighteen in total is the sheer variety that I wouldn’t have found foraging around in local shops or garden centres.

Looking forward to the warmer days ahead and genuinely excited for the time when I can plant out and get my herb garden started. (Never done this before.) Meanwhile the kitchen floor serves as the indoor nursery where the Vietnamese Coriander is galloping ahead. Unlike the the flat leaf Coriander I am used to buying from a supermarket, the Vietnamese is a perennial and should survive the winter if I bring it indoors and treat it like a house plant. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Watch this space.