Box to Grow Challenge

As if whole veg in a box delivered to my doorstep weren’t enough I’ve now taken on the challenge of growing my own veg starting with the Riverford box to grow kit.

Somewhere in-between Devon and my door step the box has taken a bit of a shake up as the seedlings were all over the place when I opened the box.

After some salvage work and re-settlement into pots I think most will survive. (Each seedling appears to be growing out of a chocolate brownie.) Apart from the lettuces, spring onions and tomatoes, it’s hard to tell what’s what as the scramble in the box doesn’t match the layout on the paper plan. Ho hum . . . all part of the fun!

Anyway as far as I know the box contains: courgette, beetroot, rainbow chard, green cabbage, mustard, khol rabi, cucumber, rocket, red and green batavia lettuce and spring onion plus tomato plants and 2 packets of seeds: radish and sugar snap peas. Plus herbs: parsley and coriander, a few Charlotte potatoes and a few of something else I can’t remember. I have a list somewhere . . .

Last week I picked up a few wooden boxes from the local wine shop for growing-on the seedlings before they’re big enough to transfer into the veg bed. After that I’ll use the boxes for re-homing the herbs and then they can be put out in the garden.

Ten days on and most of the plants are getting along fine in the outdoor cupboard. The herbs from Norfolk have moved out of my kitchen onto the bottom shelf (except the Vietnamese Coriander who only goes out when it’s warm sunny). So far only two plants (in pots) out of the box haven’t made it, by a process of deduction they must be cucumbers.

Last but not least, here are a couple of seedlings grown from the Riverford organic Kabocha pumpkin that I served up Japanese style back in February. How marvelous! It feels great to have a hand in the circle of life. So far so good.

Last word: It’s official the water company supplying my part of Hampshire have announced a hose pipe ban. There goes another challenge to the veg to grow: how to collect and save water for the plants.

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